blown film extrusion

Blown Film Extrusion-Venus Plastic Machinery

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blown film extrusion

Venus Machinery Displays Blown Film Extrusion for High-Tech 3C Industry Applications

Antonio: Our company, Venus Plastic Machinery was established in 1999, specializing in producing plastic extruders. Our main focus is blown film extrusion and plastic recycling machines.
Nathan: What is your main focus in this year’s show?ilm extrusion for High-Tech 3C industry applications. The other is manufacturing greener eco-friendly materials.
Nathan: Many manufacturers offer these types of machines, how do I tell if they are good quality?
Antonio: How does one tell the quality of these machines? Well the film it produces needs to look and feel like this one here, good quality. When it comes to the machine, we need to listen to the noise level and inspect the overall process of the operation. If the process is smooth and the noise level is low, this it is considered a good quality machine. This closed loop co extrusion blown film line features high transparency, allows for low thickness tolerances, and better optical properties with limited defects. This is suitable for 3C products.

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blown film extrusion


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