Sunwell Two Station Thermoforming System at Taipei Plas 2016

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Sunwell Two Station Thermoforming System at Taipeiplas 2016

Sunwell Global is a well-known manufacturer of extrusion and thermoforming equipment for foam and rigid packaging applications.
At Taipeiplas 2016 the company showcased one of their Two Station Post Trim Thermoforming Systems. This machine features an A/C Motor that drives two counter-rotating low-backlash cone worm drive gearboxes. The gearboxes are feeding separate cranks that are rotating in opposite directions and hence minimize the overall vibration during high-speed operations.

In this thermoforming system by Sunwell the pre-formed sheet material is fed over the top and down through to the trimming press. The trimmed material can then be directly fed back through into a recycling system. It also features hydraulic cylinders which allow the trimming press to extend out and directly connect to a packaging system. Furthermore, a side opening makes it very easy for operators to change the mold according to the type of product.

This machine has a maximum capacity of 150 pieces/minute, a maximum press force of 35 tons and a maximum cut depth of 200 mm. If you want to learn more about this thermoforming system or other machines from Sunwell, make sure to visit www.sunwellglobal.com.tw.
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