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Chinaplas 2016 over 3,200 International Exhibitors

Shanghai, China
25 Apr 2016 – 28 Apr 2016

Chinaplas – The International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

The International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (also known as Chinaplas), is Asia´s No. 1 plastics and rubber show. The 30th edition of Chinaplas will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong), PR China from 25-28 April 2016. With an exhibition area 240,000sqm, Chinaplas 2016 will gather over 3,200 international exhibitors and a wide number of country pavilions. It is expected that 140,000 visitors will attend the show.

Netstal displays at Chinaplas 2016 90mm-Polystyrol Petridishes Made on ELION 800-270 at a Cycle-Time Of Only 3.2 Seconds

Netstal-Maschinen AG (KraussMaffei Group) (A10)
The highlight at the Netstal booth will be the production of 90mm-petridishes made from polystyrol on an ELION 800-270 at a cycle-time of only 3.2 seconds. Instead of a costly removal and mounting device with complicated folding mechanisms a simple collecting device for free-falling parts is used. In this device, lid and dish are automatically aligned and merged so that the fully assembled Petridishes may be packaged and processed by the operator. Mold and collecting device are provided by the Austrian company Mold&Matic.

Chinaplas 2016


ARBURG Displays at Chinaplas 2016 – Hybrid All Rounder Designed for Thin-walled Applications

At the Chinaplas 2016, Arburg will present the Packaging version of a hybrid Allrounder designed specially for thin-walled applications in the packaging industry. The high-performance injection moulding machine from the Hidrive series offers high productivity and reduced energy consumption. A 22-cavity stack mould is used for the IML application. Compared to a conventional 4-cavity mould, stack mould technology permits the use of a smaller machine. The hybrid Allrounder 570 H with a clamping force of 1,800 kN produces four 200 ml margarine tubs in a cycle time of around 3.2 seconds. The automated process is performed by a two-axis robotic system. It inserts two so-called butterfly labels on both the fixed and moving mould platens and removes the finished parts from the central block.

Chinaplas 2016

hybrid Allrounder 570 H

WITTMANN BATTENFELD to Showcase High-tech Injection Molding Machines Chinaplas 2016

Wittmann Battenfeld (E3K21)
WITTMANN BATTENFELD with high-tech injection molding machines and peripherals at the Chinaplas in Shanghai
At the Chinaplas, the largest plastics trade fair in the Asian region held from 25 to 28 April in Shanghai, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will present to trade visitors state-of-the-art injection molding technology for the plastics industry at booth No. E3K21.
The Asian market contributes substantially to the success of the WITTMANN Group and, due to its potential, is an important market of the future for the company. In China, the WITTMANN Group is present not only with its own sales organization, but also with a production plant in Kunshan, where robots, temperature controllers, material loaders and granulators are manufactured, primarily for the Asian market.
At this year’s Chinaplas in Shanghai, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will demonstrate its competence in the area of injection molding machines with two models from its PowerSeries.

Chinaplas 2016


On a MicroPower 15/10, which has been specially designed for the injection molding of small and micro parts, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will show an opto-electronic application. A barrel holder made of POM will be produced with a mold supplied by Wittner, Austria. This component is a focusing device used mainly in cameras to hold the lenses in place or to focus them. The internal thread of the barrel holder is produced with the help of a threaded core operated directly via the ejector of the injection molding machine. This means that the threaded core is unscrewed directly inside the mold, before it is removed by a WITTMANN W8VS2 robot specially designed for this machine model, then presented to a camera integrated in the production line and the machine’s control system for quality inspection, and finally deposited in a collecting box separated according to cavities. The production process is realized under clean-room conditions achieved by means of a Laminar FlowBox inside the machine.

Chinaplas 2016 Nordson Extrusion Dies

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries is part of the Nordson Corporation Polymer Processing Systems product offering and is a leading international supplier of flat dies, feedblocks, and related equipment for film, sheet, extrusion coating, fluid coating, and pelletizing. The company operates plants in the U.S.A, Belgium, China, and Japan, including capabilities in all four countries for remanufacturing its own dies and those built by other suppliers.

China plas 2016

China plas 2016

China plas 2016

China plas 2016

China plas 2016


KRAIBURG TPE will introduce new TPE automotive and smart wearable electronic device in CHINAPLAS 2016. This year, the leader in customizable TPE will be unveiling its cutting-edge automotive UV/HF and UV/HF/SF series, and the breakthrough COPEC® series for wearable personal devices.

The UV/HF Series parked under THERMOLAST® K is the material solution for applications requiring high UV resistance and high flowability, particularly automotive exterior components. Thermoplastic elastomers based on styrene block copolymers (TPS) have the advantage of production flexibility that are applicable to a diverse range of products and can be customized via the choice of additives, dyes and other thermoplastics. They are also less demanding in terms of processing parameters than other TPE materials, such as TPVs (thermoplastic vulcanizates) and TPUs (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers). As a result, they do not experience significant loss of UV resistance at critical processing parameters, such as high shear rates or elevated temperatures. Its use is not only confined to the automotive sectors, but for the consumer, industrial and medical sectors as well.

The material advantages of the UV/HF Series are easy flowability, excellent processing behaviour, and perfect adhesion to PP. It is tested according PV3930 for outdoor use on typical applications such as cowls, gaskets, roof rims, water deflectors and window encapsulations. It uses injection moulding as its processing method and meets the specifications of VOLKSWAGEN PV 3930 with hardness ranging from 52-92 Shore A. Like the UV/HF Series, the THERMOLAST® K UV/HF/SF Series is targeted towards automotive exterior components requiring high UV resistance, perfect surface finish and high flowability. It is easy flowing, exhibits excellent processing behaviour, adheres perfectly to PP with perfect surface finish and is tested according PV3930 for outdoor use. Typical applications include cowls, gaskets, roof rims, water deflectors, window encapsulations and other exterior automotive applications. Its hardness ranges from 49 to 86 Shore A and conforms to Volkswagen standard Kalahari dry heat PV 3929 and Florida moist hot climate PV 3930 weathering resistance.Kraiburg Chinaplas 2016 TPE

COPEC® for wearable personal devices
As the demand for wearable devices like ear pieces, eyeglass frames, watches increase, so does the demand for comfortable, silky soft, and irritation-free material. KRAIBURG TPE’s COPEC® is one of them. Because TPE is totally free of all latex, PVC and heavy metals, COPEC® is the ideal material for wearable devices as it resists dirt and withstands the everyday external stresses such as UV radiation, skin oils and lubricating greases. More importantly, it is irritation-free to the end user in the wearable consumer electronics segment.
COPEC® is processed as part of dual-component injection moulding with polycarbonate (PC) using a production approach which simplifies manufacturing, slashes cycle times and eliminates the need for additional work procedures. The material is colourable with excellent colour stability to meet the diverse needs of the fast expanding wearable personal devices market. COPEC® has been tested on the flexible ear pieces of the new astrospec 2.0 safety glasses, a collaboration between uvex and KRAIBURG TPE. The COPEC®-engineered safety glasses exhibited silky smooth user comfort, remains firmly in place on any face and also feature triple adjustment and the glasses fold flat after use.Chinaplas 2016 Kraiburg-COPEC®-for-