Supermaster HC Series

Supermaster-Two Platen Servo Drive IM – Chinaplas2016 – Chen Hsong

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Supermaster-Two Platen Servo Drive IM


Clamping force of 700 to 6500tons

The Supermaster Two Platen Servo Drive injection moulding machine series is a revolutionary two-platen design. Designed in 3 years with a team led by leading European and Japanese industry experts, it represents a unique combination of world-class, no compromise performance and characteristics. Numerous innovations protected by international patents give this machine a very good price-performance value.


Supermaster HC Series

Supermaster HC Series


The Fastest Clamping Unit Available: 750mm/sec.

Extremely fast clamp movements significantly shorten cycle time.

Patented tie-bar/ hydraulic connection

Reduces stress concentration and greatly simplifies maintenance.

Patented high-speed automatic mould-height adjustment and interlock mechanism

Ensures accurate, reliability and fast operation.

State-of-the-Art Injection Unit Design

  • Extra feeding temperature control zone
  • 3-colinear ball bearings ensure perfect alignment
  • Nozzle tip can be moved beyond the fixed platen by up to 300mm


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