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Inverter Chiller by Yu Ting at Taipei Plas 2016

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Inverter Chiller by Yu Ting at Taipei Plas 2016

Yu Ting is a well-known manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry in Taiwan. At Taipei Plas 2016 they had several temperature control solutions on display. In this video, you can see an inverter PLC chiller. What makes this inverter chiller special, is that it features an IP address control function, making it ideal for factories with large numbers of machines. All machines can be easily monitored and operated from one PC, tablet or smartphone.

Another key feature of this inverter chiller is remote support. When the operators are having issues with the machine that they can’t resolve themselves, Manufacturer Yu Ting can log in remotely to check out the machine and assist the operator immediately in solving the problem.

Furthermore, the inverter design saves up to 35% energy compared to traditional chillers.

For more information about this testing machine or other products from Yu TIng, please follow this link: www.chillers.com.tw.
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