Jandi’s Industrial-T-shirt bag making machine

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Jandi’s Integrated Bag Making Machine

Jerry: Hi there, I am general manager of Jandi’s Industrial, Jerry Huang. Today, I am glad to have this opportunity to introduce our T-shirt bag making machine line to you. Jandi’s integrated bag making machine has received five patents in Taiwan and another five patents in China. At the moment, we still have three patent applications under process. This machine model integrates four key processes: extrusion blowing, printing, sealing/cutting, and recycling. Integrating these processes in one machine enables easier operation and management.

Nathan: What is your company’s theme and focus for this year’s show?

Jerry: Our theme of this year’s show is automation. Thus, we invested plenty of research and time to make operations more user-friendly by adapting Human Machine Interfaces and PLC controls. This makes it easier to perform efficient trouble shooting if problems occur. Our goal is to keep improving the production capabilities and user operations, making them more convenient and efficient.

Nathan: How are these new machines fairing on the market?



Jerry: These two years, we have participated in many international exhibitions. Our customers have given us lots of precious feedback and opinions. This helps us to bring the capacity and efficiency of this machine model to a higher level, making them more user-friendly.

Welcome to visit us. And we are looking forward to seeing you in our factory. Thank you.

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