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Compression Molding Machine by Tung Yu at Taipei Plas 2016

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Compression Molding Machine Turnkey Solution by Tung Yu at Taipei Plas 2016

Tung Yu is a well-known manufacturer of compression molding machines used in the rubber and plastics industry. At this year’s Taipei Plas 2016 they presented a new turnkey solution for their customers that combines four processes: loading, curing, trimming and inspection. The machine setup in this video produces large cover seals for pistons used in compression molding machines.

The automation of these steps leads to greater accuracy and a safer work environment as one person can control the whole production line from a safe distance.

Tung Yu offers a lot more tailor-made solutions like hybrid or all-electric compression molding machines, big data analysis solutions, and Industry 4.0-ready setups.

Want to find out more about this turnkey solution by Tung Yu or other products they offer? Visit their website:www.tungyu.com

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