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Triple Layer Blow Molding Machine by Chen Way at Taipei Plas 2016

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Triple Layer Blow Molding Machine by Chen Way at Taipei Plas 2016

Chen Way Machinery produces a huge range of blow molding machines as well as auxiliary equipment. In this video, we introduce to you a Triple Cavity Two Station Blow Molding Machine that Chen Way showcased at Taipei Plas 2016. The three extruders in this setup allow you to perform triple layer blow molding. For the center layer you can use recycled material and therefore save material costs.

The two stations produce alternately, increasing your production capacity by about 1.6 times compared to traditional blow molding machines. According to Chen Way this machine is the fastest of its type in Taiwan. It can produce 138 25L jerrycans in one hour.

This blow molding solution by Chen Way also features some energy-saving parts like the gas accumulator and servo-motors driving the carriers. A Gefran Control System makes sure that operators can easily set the right parameters at any given time.
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