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Conveying Dryer and Dehumidifier by Yann Bang at Taipei Plas 2016

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Conveying Dryer and Dehumidifier by Yann Bang at Taipei Plas 2016

Taiwanese Manufacturer Yann Bang offers total solutions for the plastics industry and is a well-known supplier of conveyor, dryer and dehumidifier systems.

At Taipei Plas 2016 they showcased a Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer as well as a Conveying Dryer. The Vacuum Dehumidifier does not waste any energy as it takes your products temperature just down to -25°C dew point, hence saving you up to 70% electricity during that process. You can also attach a Heat Reclaiming Dryer Hopper to this machine. The dryer hopper can save you another 40% of electricity cost as it reclaims the heat lost during the drying process. Together this means a massive saving for your production line.

The Conveying Dryer by Yann Bang in this video features a highly functional central control system that is Industry 4.0-ready and lets you control up to 6 machines at a time. Stainless steel tanks make it suitable for clean room applications in the medical and optical industries.
What´s especially great about this machine is its mobile design. This allows for easy movement from one production line to another.

If you want to learn more about these machines or others from Yann Bang, please visit their website www.yannbang.com.
For more useful information and videos about Taiwan’s plastics and rubber industries, please visit http://www.theplasmarket.com.