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Raschel Knitting Machine by Wei Meng at Taipei Plas 2016

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Raschel Knitting Machine by Wei Meng at Taipei Plas 2016

Wei Meng is a raschel knitting machine producer based in Taiwan. At Taipei Plas 2016 , the company promoted its newly developed machine with an optimized control system. Manoj, one of Wei Meng’s international agents came all the way from India to help promote Wei Meng’s high-quality machines at Taipei Plas 2016. PRS TV had the chance to talk to him about some of the key features, that make the machines the great products they are.

The agent shared that Wei Meng had become a trusted supplier of raschel knitting machines for shading net, fishing net, and packing applications in India. Besides the quality that Wei Meng provided the agent also emphasized the innovative nature of the company.

Watch the video for the whole interview.

If you want more information on the products Wei Meng has to offer, please visit their official website: www.weimeng.com.tw.
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